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Responsible Present – Sustainable Future

Sustainability Policy

We believe that we must act now to create a sustainable future. We are convinced that it is imperative for regulators and society alike to build frameworks that redirect the financial sector's influence to encourage sustainable economic activities.

For 2Xideas, sustainability resides at the heart of identifying businesses that grow and deliver superior value creation for many years. Our investee companies cannot obtain long-term success without managing environmental, social, and governance opportunities and risks with acumen. The evaluation of sustainability-related exposures is thus integrated into our investment process wherever possible and where data availability is sufficient.

Please download our Sustainability Policy using the link below to gain a better understanding of how we incorporate the full spectrum of ESG and climate analysis into our decision making.

Engagement Strategy

As fundamental analysts, we maintain an ongoing dialogue with the companies we invest in. During our frequent on-site visits, topics discussed with C-level executives address potential areas of concern, including ESG and climate-related issues.

Working with industry and sustainability experts, we provide input on how to strengthen corporate governance and improve financial and non-financial disclosure. We encourage companies to embrace the "double materiality" concept, which stresses that just as climate can materially affect a company, so too can that company materially influence the climate.

In this context, we encourage companies to communicate transparently on material ESG exposures, set targets, and report accordingly, preferably along standard reporting frameworks such as SASB and TCFD. We place particular emphasis on transparent Scope 1-2-3 CO2 emissions reporting and principle adverse impacts data.

Active Ownership

As prudent stewards of our investors' money, we execute our voting rights in accordance with our long-term vision for the companies in which we invest.

To facilitate this, we analyze the upcoming items at companies' general meetings and build a qualified opinion. We participate, whenever feasible, at pre-AGM meetings or calls organized by the investee companies.

We use the ISS Sustainability Benchmark as the basis for our decision-making process but deviate from the proxy advisor’s recommendations where our opinion on certain items differs. This process is governed by our Sustainability Committee, which votes in accordance with our Voting Guidelines (see download link below).

Our detailed voting history for each fund is available to all investors upon request.