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One firm, one team, one process

We believe that attractive, consistent, and repeatable investment results cannot be achieved by an individual. Collaboration and collective decision making are thus at the heart of our firm, and are facilitated and optimized by our proprietary Technology platform.

01_Juerg Schaeppi
Juerg Schaeppi
Juerg Schaeppi

Jürg Schäppi is the Chairman and a founding Partner of 2Xideas. He is also a founding partner and principal shareholder of Bellevue Group. He managed Bank am Bellevue, the brokerage and corporate finance division of Bellevue Group, as CEO from 2000 to 2010. Previously, Jürg was employed as an investment banker by S.G. Warburg (now UBS) in Geneva as well as Julius Baer and Citicorp (now Citigroup) in Zurich. Since 1998 he has been active as an investor and independent director on the boards of several hedge funds.

Jürg holds a Master's degree in Economics (lic. oec.) from the University of St. Gallen and a BA in Economics from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

67_Marco Frei
Marco Frei
Marco Frei

Marco Frei has been 2Xideas’ Vice-Chairman since March 2016. He is also an independent pension fund advisor and trustee. From 2005 to 2011, Marco was head of group pension asset management at Roche Group in Basel. He joined Roche in 1987 in the treasury department, where he worked as an asset and financial risk manager before being appointed head of group risk management. Marco started his career at Swiss Bank Corporation (now UBS) as a portfolio manager and advisor to private and institutional clients.

Marco holds a Swiss banking diploma from the Handelsschule KV in Basel, and attended regular management seminars at Roche Group. In 2011, he spent three months at the London School of Economics to study the Great Depression of 1929–37.

69_Marianne Fassbind
Marianne Fassbind
Member of the Board
Marianne Fassbind

Marianne Fassbind has served on the 2Xideas Board since December 2021. She is also Partner of Dynamics Group, a strategic communication firm. Marianne’s areas of expertise are strategic communications for companies and pension plans, reputation and crisis management, investor relationships, handling electronic and print media, and public affairs especially for pension funds and capital markets. She has reported and commented on the Swiss economy and foreign business affairs for over 25 years. As a member of investment committees and as a board member of pension funds, the pensions market also belongs to her core competencies. Thanks to her former position as finance director of the city of Rapperswil, Switzerland, she is also familiar with the nature of Swiss politics and government.

Marianne Fassbind holds a Master’s in Business Administration and Economics from the University of Zurich (lic. oec.publ.).